Thursday, October 30, 2014

Farm work in Fall

These are now Pictures, will try to keep taking pictures so you can see progress
 This is 10 years old and time for new fencing and ECT..........
2 years ago I had my stroke and haven't done much, ARGHHH ,ok I doing fine lots of life changes, decided its time to make changes for the better as I love to watch the sheep, It really calms me to spend time with them, They don't question, judge, or feel sorry for you just so calm and serene.
Love it love it.........OK back to the real to some kind donations I will be able to fix a few things, that are old and broken.
Last Year winds took some HUGE TREES down: Where?????????? On My Sheep barn of course!!!!!!!!!!! and fencing.
The boys salvaged most of the wood for me to make another one.
The pictures above and continuing are as is now

 VIEW from front of house
 New sheep shed being built

A look at inside

Anthony and Sammy dog
heading out back to take down old fencing
So overgrown
And these are the baby's in the rain wanting a new shelter,2 white Border Leicester lambs and my Natural colored Lincoln Lamb, OH YEAH lets not forget the Angora Goat..

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