Friday, March 4, 2011

Giveaway Promotion-FREE Contest

This is a Free giveaway of One Suprise Skein of my Handspun Art Yarn to promote my Etsy shop and blog,this giveaway will be open for entries until March 25th at noon Pacific time.
Here is how to play:
1. Visit my Etsy shop and pick out an item you like or love
each yarn has its own Listing # on the right side of its page.
2. Return here and post on my blog which item you like with its Listing #
3. Leave me enough info to contact you in case you win :}
4.March 25th Giveaway is closed to postings at noon Pacific time and within the next few hours the winner will be randomly chosen.
5. I will post the winner on my blog and ship prize Handspun Yarn Adoption with delivery confirmation.
Good Luck and let the Fun Begin!!!
I reserve the right to change the rules if needed...One entry per person, please tell your friends thank-you..
I will be choosing 2 separate winners
Stay tuned as I will have more contest


Michaela said...

Silly me! I meant to comment here, and realized that my comment was posted to the next blog entry.
In any case, very unique yarn, loved to have a look at the shop. I very much like the "Latte thick and thin" yarn (# 65910992). Looks very yummy!!

knitmish on Ravelry

aews said...

Your yarns are beautiful. Several of the colors are unique. It's tough to choose a favorite but I'm picking: Irish Greens and Puffs Swirled (Listing # 67315804).

rav: aewsimmons

Em said...

A tough choice! But I think the Latte Thick and Thin (Listing # 65910992) is particularly elegant. Thanks for the contest!

Rav: ahappyaccident

Collienchen said...

Your yarn looks really gorgeous!

I can't decide between the yummy Lushes Bubble Gum (#68416408)and the Latte Thick and Thin (#65910992).

Thanks for the chance to win!

Collienchen @ Ravelry

Laurinda said...

OOOOO!! I really love the raw Icelandic Fleece! I do enjoy washing stuff, & the colors are SO pretty!!
Almost forgot-Listing # 66189054

I'm Laurpud on Ravelry

Sara said...

Oh, lovely yarns. I would have to pick Lushes BubbleGum - Item: # 68416408 - in honor of the little lamb I bought while in Freeport Maine - (she sits on my bookcase) whose name is Bubblegum...

nhsarab at yahoo dot com

quinn said...

Because I'd like to try spinning...Listing # 60153780 - the Misty Lilacs 1/2 oz Jacob Roving.

Congratulations on acquiring the sheep of your dreams :)

quinn on rav

Chels said...

I love the Earth and Sky Tones Wool Sampler! It'd be even better if I could get all those colors, only in bigger quantities so I could make something out of it once I spin it, as opposed to felting it. The listing number is # 67401592

You can contact me at

KathyB. said...

I noticed the lady at the spinning wheel looks very much like you~ a give-away ,fun !

I hope your ewes are lambing well and this spring proves to be a good one for you .

Amanda said...

Lushes Bubble Gum, Item #67314900 (assuming I am doing that right). :)

Judi A. said...

It's always so hard when expected to choose just one from so many pretties! I settled on two and hope that's acceptable. They are very different in colors and perhaps that's why I couldn't decide. First is Lushes Bubble Gum #68416408 and next is Sands of Time #43042289. Now I will be hoping my name is selected! :-)

Zowmom on Ravelry

Janda said...

Hi Arlene,
All the yarns are great. Hard to choose, but I really like the Grey wool sampler, listing #59994598. Thanks for running this contest.
Though I don't usually win, I still keep trying :-].

You already know me as jpanda on etsy.