Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Icelandic sheep

I found my Icelandic sheep this last year,I went to see them and was talking to the gentleman and asking him what he was raising them for?
He was just breeding them and selling the young off to people for MEAT!!!!!!!!!
ARGHHHHH........Eat What.OK, OK.
I am calm,I controlled my self and told him lets make a deal and he DID !!!!!WOW.
Now don't get me wrong there no problem in eating sheep and its very good and that's one of the purposes of this breed,But I have wanted Icelandic for 10 years and ha vent been able to find any I could afford.Well needless to say he was more than happy to sell off some of his older ones and a couple of young ones.We my sons girlfriend- Stephanie and me and my son-Thomas caught them- packed them in the van and took them home.
3Days latter I called him and asks if he had any more he needed to part with?
Surprise?????? He did,so we just drove right back and got 3 more.OHHHHHH some one stop me.

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