Monday, December 27, 2010


This first song on the play list you hear, I heard my son playing it the other day and It is my beautifull girls song,in your mind just add in the word sheep

From the land of FIRE & ICE,
Look I Finaly after 10 years of wanting them I got some.
My sons Girlfriend (Stephine) and I took a road trip 2 1/2 hours from me towards the Canadian border and Paid 150.00 each for a black Ram lamb and a white ewe lamb,There was an older EWE that was silvery black and had the most breathtaking set of grace full sweeping horns and a very beautiful face, Just so grace full and elegant-They didn't really like her so I was able to talk them into selling her ( OUCH)
they wanted 200.00 for her I took her,So we arranged them into her explorer and headed home.

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Anonymous said...

what beautiful sheep! i bet they will make some gorgeous yarn :D